Look Left

Why Chase After What's Right, Look Left.

What started as a dare became an author's best dream...to become published, with words now available for the world.  Look Left is Jai Essence's first published piece, with a focus on poetry that spread over 20 years of her life.

Eddie J.

Determined to find a novel that black boys in middle school could relate to, Jai Essence decided it was time to write her own.  Based upon the ideas and needs of her inner city Chicago students, a story was weaved with suspense, conflict, passion and a bit a pain.

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Full of essays and poetry, this book is the truth of forty years of life...all poured out into words and songs, from the heart.  

Exposing truths and tearing down the mask that grins and lies...Jai Essence brings her story to the forefront. 

How We Live

Tressica is hoping for an escape from a boring domestic life... but will leaving home have her running into the arms of an ex-flame who still wants to burn up her bedroom covers? Sassy and sophisticated Meagan has an attitude that is out-of this world. But recent unemployment has her clambering for her sanity. Will a trek to Miami and a persistent stranger be the answer? Then there's Burgundy. She has the money, the motives, and the moves. At the top of her career ladder, a severe drinking problem threatens to drag her right back down... but we soon discover, that's not the only secret she's hiding.

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